LEVEL 5 (novice, starter) Tournaments

Jan 18th        Hoover Country Club Play Day AL Level 5's

Feb 22nd       Greystone Spring Novice Ala Level 5 

Feb 29th        Birchtree Spring Novice Ala Level 5

March 7th     Hoover Country Club Play Day #3 Ala Level 5 

April 11th      The Hoover Novice Ala Level 5

April 18th      Birchtree April Novice Ala Level 5

April 18th      10 and under camp! 2020 USTA ALABAMA 10's EARLY DEVELOPMENT CAMP

May 2nd        Greystone YMCA Novice Challenger I Ala Level 5

May 9th         Pell City Junior Novice Ala Level 5

June 13th      Lake Cyrus Summer Break Ala Level 5

June 20th     Greystone YMCA Novice Challenger II Ala Level 5

June 26th     Independence Day Novice Classic Ala Level 5

August 15th  Greystone Summer Novice Ala Level 5( 2021 National Level 7 event) - 700069720 

August 22nd Back to School Novice Ala Level 5

Sept 12th       Lake Cyrus Fall Ala Level 5

Sept 26th       Pell City Novice #2 Ala Level 5

Nov 14th        Greystone YMCA Novice Challenger III Ala Level 5

Nov 21st        Birchtree Winter Novice Ala Level 5

Alabama Level 4

(advanced beginner, intermediate)

March 7th   Decatur March Madness Ala Level 4 

April 10       Tuscaloosa NorthRiver Spring Classic Ala Level 4 STA Level 5

April 17th    Lake Cyrus Junior Championships Ala Level 4

April 18th    10 and under camp! 2020 USTA ALABAMA 10's EARLY DEVELOPMENT CAMP

May 8th       Indian Hills Country Club Jr. Invitational Ala Level 4

May 22nd    Red, White & Blue Summer Slam Ala Level 4

June 8th      Hoover Jr Classic Ala Level 4 

June 12th    Hoover Met Complex  Summer Slam Ala Level 4

June 13th    Anniston Country Club Jr. Tournament Ala Level 4

June 19th    Pell City Summer Classic Ala Level 4

July 11th      HMC Summer Challenger Ala Level 4

July 31st      James Lewis Tennis Scholarship Foundation Ala Level 4

August 14th Greystone YMCA Junior Challenger Ala Level 4

August 28th Pell City Fall Classic Ala Level 4 

Sept 12th      Tuscaloosa September to Remember Junior Ala Level 4

Oct 10th       Hoover Met Complex Fall Challenger Ala Level 4

Oct 17th       Trick or Treat Jr Ala Level 4

Oct 23rd       Lake Cyrus Halloween Classic Ala Level 4 

Oct 30th       Greystone YMCA Halloween Bowl Ala Level 4

Nov 6th        The Thanksgiving Classic Ala Level 4

Nov 20th      Pell City Junior Fall Fling Ala Level 4

Dec 11th       Birchtree Holiday Break Ala Level 4 

Dec 18th      Greystone G.C.C. Fall Masters Ala Level 4 

Alabama Level 3

(intermediate, advanced)

Feb 7th         Tuscaloosa NorthRiver Winter Slam Ala Level 3

March 7th    Tuscaloosa March On! Junior Ala Level 3 

March 20th  Lake Cyrus Spring Fling Ala Level 3

April 24th     Country Club Of Birmingham Jr Invitational Alabama Level 3

May 1st         Dixieland Jr Ala Level 3 

July 17th      Hoover Jr Invitational Ala Level 3 

August 7th   Marsha Knepper Memorial (Pell City) Ala Level 3

Sept 18th      Greystone G.C.C. Fall Claycourt Challenge Ala Level


 See you on the court!