Where are you located? 121 W Oxmoor Rd 35209

How do you reserve courts? Download the "kourts" app and search for West Homewood Park, from there you can reserve courts and sign up for clinics (starting in May)

Do members have to pay to reserve a court through the app? No

Do non members have to pay to reserve a court through the app? Yes, $5 per person

Are there membership fees? Yes, please click on membership tab for pricing information

Do you have to be a member to play? No- there are 2 courts reserved for open play

Do you have to be a member to play on a team/league? No, but the team has to be 60% members, non members can pay a seasonal team/league fee as well as the court fee ($40 total for residents, $50 non residents)

Do members have to pay to play to be on a team? Yes there is a $15 league fee per player

How do you sign up for a team? Email Stephanie (hwdtennisclub@gmail.com) she will help place you in appropriate clinics and get you in contact with team members.

I am a captain, how can my team play out of West Hwd? Teams are formed and courts are reserved on a first come, first serve basis- please email Stephanie to reserve a place for your team. Captains need to work closely with Stephanie to make sure she has all the players names and contact information (both members and non members). The captain will need to turn in a list of all players on your team along with email addresses. The captain is also responsible for collecting the league fees and non member fees, and making one payment to Homewood Tennis Club. 

Will there be courts open for walk up play? There will be 2 courts open for free play. If someone is waiting to play, please limit play to 60 minutes.

Do you have to be a member to participate in lessons or clinics? No, you can pay a $3 guest fee for clinics and lessons if you are a non member living in Homewood, non resident guest fee is $5. There is a one month trial, where all guest fees are waived to see if you want to join HTC.

How do you sign up for a membership? Please email hwdtennisclub@gmail.com, there will also be a form online you can fill out and turn in. 

How do you sign up for a clinic? After the director places you in the correct clinic you can go onto the app, click the appropriate clinic and sign up.


 See you on the court!